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  1. Quake Champions: Jump Back Into the Arena

    Quake Champions: Jump Back Into the Arena

    Quake, the first time in your entire life you were able to shoot a rocket at your feet, fly through the air, and then shoot a laser beam into someones face and then feel nothing but pure adrenaline and enjoyment. Or the other first time you ran around an arena full of other lunatics, gibbed someone with the gauntlet and heard the announcer bellow out “HUMILIATION!” These are memories every past quake player still dreams about, and these are memories you will be able to live out again.

    When the announcement dropped at E3 back in 2016 fans were either worried or excited about the new Quake game. Many thinking that beloved id was going to stomp all over their favorite arena based shooter by creating a MOBA, which gladly, they were wrong. Then the fan base was upset over the fact of a “class-based” arena shooter and imagined Quake Champions was going to be an Overwatch clone.  Well when the closed beta dropped in April, 2017 many opinions quickly changed, as did mine.

    Despite being in beta, the game already has the vintage quake feel and look, and gets you excited as soon as you get to the homepage. On May 12th, 2017 spanning through May 21st, 2017 there will be an open Tech Test beta for anyone who is looking to get into some high speed, highly fun fragging.

    Currently available in the beta right now are 9 different and extremely unique champions to play, 3 maps, and 4 game modes. Game modes include classics like Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, the always fan favorite Duel, and new addition Sacrifice. But as every game in beta, there are current problems that the community is hoping gets fixed as soon as possible. During the first month of the closed beta there were constant server drops, client errors, reaction time lag, and certain aspects of the game that seemed too overpowered. So hopefully id and SaberTech are able to crunch together and fix the majority of these issues.

    As Quake games go, you expect to see the classic guns show back up (spoiler alert, they do!!!!) So, when you hop on Quake Champions and decide to get your fragging fix, you will see fan favorites like the Rocket Launcher, Super Shotgun, Lightning Gun, and Rail Gun. The only “big” change to the weapon catalog is the Super Nail Gun replacing the Plasma Gun. Which in a way, is a huge let down, because let’s be honest… who doesn’t love the plasma gun. Also, old Quake fans and new, will appreciate the beautiful graphics, the dark and classic Quake aesthetic, the always pleasant Quake soundtrack and sounds, and mostly the feeling that Quake is back and it’s one hell of a ride.  

    Here are the required specs for Quake Champions:

    Quake Champions System Requirements

    Here is gameplay from Quake Champions Beta by yours truly:

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  2. AMD Ryzen Chipset Release and Overview

    AMD Ryzen Chipset Release and Overview

    AMD is releasing their brand new chipset, the Ryzen (Zen). The Ryzen comes with a new design and brand new, up-to-date features. 

  3. GeForce GTX 1050 and 1050 Ti Release and Overview

    GeForce GTX 1050 and 1050 Ti Release and Overview

    The all new GeForce GTX 1050 has just been released with its big brother, the GTX 1050 Ti, being right around the corner. The new graphics card is surely to become popular among gamers looking for high performance from an entry level card. Join us as we  take an in-depth look at the specifications of the new GTX 1050 and review its benchmarks to see how well it compares against its closely matched rivals.

  4. NZXT Kraken X42, X52, X62 Release and Overview

    NZXT Kraken X42, X52, X62 Release and Overview

    The all new NZXT Kraken X Series Liquid Coolers have been released with improved cooling performance and an aesthetically beautiful design. The new coolers are available in 120mm, 240mm and 280mm radiator sizes.

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